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Life with kids and work-life

So as you know I have two kids.. I am currently taking parental leave on Thursday and Fridays so here I am entertainment to my kids .... Whow so Monday through to Wednesday I go to work get my lunch to myself chat and interact with people. Listen to music or a podcast...

Parental leave days,are get to spend the day with my kids ..

We get up eat or play with our breakfast ☺️ Throw our toys around the place plus option of food throwing... Chase each other about, fighting over one toy even though there are lots more... Tidy up, mess up repeat... Try and take few moments to yourself 😉 grab a cuppa hope it is still warm.

Being a mom is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life.

There will be snots, tears but mainly it will be the happiest amazing journey you will ever take.

What is your experience?

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