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Take Control of our Health

Long post alert.. But worth a read.

How can we change how we work with and take care of our health? We all have the potential to grow, learn and improve our lives and the lives of others. Consider a change in how we approach doctor appointments and treatment.

Looking at a persons lifestyle, having a team of "specialists" ( dietician, physical therapy, talk therapy, etc) work together approach to a persons health... How do we drive down health issues and costs?? We need a Community around us to help. When we are sick it isn't just due to one issues it is a cumulative effect.

The body sends a signal for example a pain. The pain is just like an alarm it is just to alert us to a problem in the body. To resolve the pain we have to look behind it and see what is causing the problem..

Don't focus on the pain. Focus on our body, mind and souls fundamental needs. Movement (exercise), rest (sleep), nutritional intake, emotions and social connections. If some of the above or all are out of balance our core needs are not being meet over time these have the potential to lead to chronic illnesses.

I really love helping people and I know the power behind treating the whole person.. What could happen if we moved to a preventative care system in our communities and away from the current system "treat a disease" . Care and love the people, not just react to problems! We have such a shortage in medical people. I hope we can get there soon.

This is a topic really close to my heart as I have struggled since I was 17 with stomach problems. I really think we could help people more and from experience I know lifestyle medicine and peer support can get us where we can thrive and not just survive.

Please get in touch with me if I can help you in any way or we can help grow our community's together to transform our health.

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