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Story of me and what brought me here.

My name is Maria Kane. I live in Cork.

I am a mom of two little ones, and navigating the world of family life and work life.

I was in the hospital after surgery to my stomach again in July and I was lying in the bed feeling isolated and wondering what could I do to feel better? 

I have chronic pain which is exhausting and very hard to pinpoint the issue when I get a flare up. I sat and listened to James Maskell, ‘The community cure’,

I had found my calling it was just like a light bulb moment.

I have been training as a coach as I can see for myself, we are all in need of someone who can support us, be our cheerleader and hold some space for us to think.

What do I have in my life? What would I like to have? and what are the steps to achieve my goals.  

I have been volunteering with a charity for people with anxiety.  I facilitate the Face-to-Face groups; they are so amazing the peer support from each person is so heart-warming. I walk away from each meeting, so grateful and privileged to be able to share in this experience of human compassion and support. 

I really want our healthcare system to reflect our amazing people in the system.  They work so hard. I have been doing a lot of research and from my experience with different groups.   

We need to relieve Doctor pressure on the system and reduce costs. Can we enhance our community-based healthcare?

From my reading we can significantly decrease cost to our health system and increase people's health and well-being by providing group community activities, where the people in the group support each other driving improvement to each other with no input or little from a medical personal. 

I have decided to set-up a community support group ‘My Village’ starting in Douglas Community Centre in September. The group is an open space for people to get together and have a place to chat, have a laugh perhaps and gain some much-needed support from peers. I will also ask monthly speakers to join us on a range of topics, healthcare issues, hobbies etc.

 I am feeling so driven, empowered, and excited. Reaching out to my city to make us one and great.I am looking to start community

group sessions to encourage people to create their 'village' family support which is missing for so many people these days.

In our grandparent’s day, they had aunts’ uncles, the lady down the road, the chemist as support before they even considered going to a healthcare professional.

This sense of ‘Village’, support network is so powerful and one of leading causes of chronic illness has been attributed to loneliness and isolation. *Source:

My Coaching ethos, I empower people to find themselves and Be Happy.

- If you need help, balancing a career and family life?

-Do you just need to learn how to create space or as I call it 'me time' whatever your needs I am here to join you on your path and help as much as I can.

If you would like to explore what I can help you with, get in touch

Find Yourself.Coach or if you know someone who could benefit from a chat with me.

Always speak with kindness and be compassionate to yourself and others. I also do 1;1 coaching.

I would love to speak with you.

Look at the below for some of my research.

Please see my Poster for the Community Group meetings and also for my 1-1 coaching. I hope you may be interested to sharer.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Figure 1;(


James Maskell ‘The Cure in the Community ‘

Or Dr Chatterjee UK Doctor

Thank you for your time.

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